Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have a blog?

Brian is busy putting lots of photos from our laptop on cd's today, so he can delete stuff in hopes of making the old laptop faster...and I have finally put photos from summer that were on my camera on the computer...What with a little one on the way now, I suddenly have the urge to try and become more organized around here (for fear of never having time to become organized after that, plus so much people better come visit us!!) - which has not, by the way, over-ridden my urge to procrastinate. We still have 6 more months, right? That feels like forever!
Last weekend I finally drug out all the wedding parafanalia out of the closet in what will become the baby's room - the dress, the big fluffy skirt thing, tons of gift bags, cards, leftover invitations, programs, leftover unused votive name it. Even some Christmas stuff - and i relocated it to another closet. BUT, I did manage to throw lots of stuff away and make it a little better organized. I'm planning to have my dress cleaned and preserved BB (before baby) because I haven't done that yet. I should make a list.'s the new and improved (and mostly empty now) baby's-closet-to-be. I'm thinking we can add another shelf below since the clothes will be so short.
I also already got a diaper bag, a gift from my sister in law Stacey. Not only is it RED, but it looks sort of like a big purse and has a little portable changing pad and an insulated bottle holder. I wonder if Brian will carry it....I have checked into manly looking diaper bags, but they are expensive online. We have a small sampling of a diaper/wipes collection started as well. Below is the "new storage closet" with the wedding leftovers and a variety of clothes I am hoping will fit me again someday (note all the "skinny jeans"). Rachel and I were talking the other day about how funny it is, the range of pant sizes in our closets; we could have a boutique.

In other news, Brian came home with a new chewy that is actually Buster Proof. He can't tear it up or break it at all. It's made of real bone. Although he did manage to lick all the goody out of the middle of it pretty fast. I've sort of been wanting to go check out this dog park in Rogers sometime when the weather's nice, if any of you other doggie-mammas are interested...