Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Boy and His Dog

Brett loves Buster. The sight of Buster often causes Brett to smile, laugh, and squeal with delight (and dash across the room after Buster as fast as his hands and knees will take him). As of right now he is lovingly referring to our dog as "Buh-buh". Not only does Brett try to share everything with "Buh-buh" (food, binky, toys...), he also gives the doggie a lot of love. I'm so excited that Brett has begun showing love and affection! We love his sweet hugs and "kisses"...and so does Buster - well...sometimes.


More Kisses...

A return kiss (to be expected, right?)....

Hugs for dada...

And a big kiss for dada's nose!

So sweet.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brett's New "Do"

Time for a big boy cut! We were scared that Brett's hair was on it's way to
mullet-dom. We just couldn't take the chance of letting that happen to him, so....we decided to go ahead and get it all shaped up so he could be looking spiffy for his upcoming first birthday. We weren't sure what to expect...but he didn't cry at all! What a big boy. I was a little torn about getting his little hairs cut for the first time, but it turned out great!! Just adorable.
Here's a couple before pictures...getting kinda shaggy! We also remembered to scrounge up a few little snipits to save in his baby book.

And During....

And After!

Hello Jello

An instance where I didn't really think it through....
Strawberry Jello + Baby = big red stained mess.