Monday, February 23, 2009

My New Favorite Thing!!!

Check this out! I have been wanting one for a while; ever since my preggo friend Kate told me about hers. When I thought about a grabber I pictured the little plastic ones with the dinosaur head and teeth. But they actually make serious grabbers. It even comes with a lifetime limited warranty and an instruction manual :) . I couldn't have been more tickled when I saw Brian come out of Walgreens with this little lifesaver. I was giddy. No more killing myself trying to bend over!!! I spent the rest of the afternoon happily picking things up off the floor with my new claws that had sometimes not been worth trying to bend over to get at the time. Dryer sheets. Coins. Socks that fell between the dryer and the wall. Clumsy me, I dropped something again--NO PROBLEM! My back has never felt better (well not lately anyways). This little miracle will definitely make life a little easier over the next few weeks!

As for my's still in the shop. The latest place decided it's the catalytic (sp?) converter. This will cost another $700 in addition to the $600 we've already spent. We are just thankful it's not the transmission (we hope...). We really hope this will fix it, guess we won't be sure till we get it back later this week. Hopefully my car will last another 3 years or so, at the very least.

Last weekend was busy. Not only was it Valentine's Day, but my love's birthday. He was unfortunately busy with basketball games, so I filled his car with I love you sticky notes while he was at the game Friday night, gave him a couple of cards, made him one of his favorite cakes. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!! ..I also got to attend the wedding of a great friend, Shannon Shirley, from work. I gave up on trying to take any pictures because they were all too dark, but here's one of their backs! I can't wait to see some others that Kim, Rachel, and Kate took...
Shannon and the wedding were beautiful!!! I couldn't be happier for them, she is just lovely. I was also very excited to see Gloria there, who moved off to the Batesville-ish area for her first teaching job. I miss her lots!
After I got home from the wedding and Brian got home from his game, we were content with snuggling in the bean bag chair in front of the tv for the rest of the night.

It was a busy, fast weekend, and our last free one I think for a while! This past Friday night I was able to go to the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" with some girlfriends. I'm grateful for the time I have to go out with them while I can, I know my free girlfriend hanging out days are now very limited, at least for a while. Saturday Brian and I went to our friends Jarod and Lindy's house. They are due with their 2nd baby girl around March 23. They had a housefull; Brian got to play poker and I got to eat and visit with Lindy, which was awesome. She's the one who sold us our house. I had wanted to take Brian out for a nice birthday dinner, but Sunday we had fun visiting a casino and trying our luck (we didn't have any) on the penny machinesinstead. We wanted to celebrate his birthday a little more since we didn't get to last weekend, and we figured this might be one of our last sort of spur of the moment"outings" together for a while...I also got a new "do"'s a little shorter than i meant for it to be, but it's very easy for now and I will grow my longer hair back eventually!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ice Storm

Let's start with some pictures I took of our ice storm. We were very lucky...we only lost power for about 2 and a half hours, but thousands of others were without power for days and weeks. We were out of school for four days. Brian and I were very thankful to be holed up in our cozy warm house with all the and internet. Several of my kids at school told me they had to stay in a hotel for a few days...

Showering Babies
Rachel and some of the other lovely ladies I am honored to work with at my school threw a shower for me and my friend Kate, whose baby boy is due within a day of ours. What a way to welcome our new little ones! We really felt loved. The whole staff was there to wish us well, and there was tons of yummy food, presents, and even a money tree and a money diaper wreath. We work with a generous, amazing family of coworkers. Rachel took these great pictures...

New Sleeping Quarters
My hips hurt to bad to stay sleeping in the bed anymore. Thank goodness for our beanbag chair. Brian put it by the bed and "fluffs" it for me every night. I start off in the bed so he can put his hands on my tummy and feel the baby moving till we go to sleep...then I usually wake up in a couple hours and move to the bag. This thing has been a life saver and I didn't realize how much sleep I had been losing till I tried sleeping in this thing. I felt like a whole new person!

Brian is nearing the end of basketball season--last week! He has been very busy helping wash baby clothes, doing dishes, helping with laundry, taking care of me, helping me up when I need it, and hugging me when I cry randomly for whatever reason. I have been very clumsy lately and breaking lots of things: dog bowl, skillet, creamer dish, the laptop. It's very frustrating to drop things because it's such hard work trying to pick them up! My car is also having troubles, possibly the transmission. In between school and games Brian has been running it all over town trying to get the problem identified and fixed. It's been to 3 different places and gotten the transmission cleaned and worked on, and new fuel filter, a flushed fuel filter, new tires, and it still isn't running right. We are very worried it needs a new transmission and he is taking it somewhere else tomorrow. I have been driving the civic that we got back in the summer. I'm so thankful he is taking care of all this car stuff, he's been trying to make sure I don't worry about a thing. He's my hero.