Monday, October 15, 2007

I really stink at this

Ok, so if anyone even still checks up on me or even cares, here is a new blog entry finally. However, I'm sure most have given up on me...I think I may be writing this for myself. Last week really kicked our butts. Maybe I'm getting old. I was more tired than I have felt in a long while...maybe too much too soon after the whole surgery episode??'s been a few weeks...But 30 is supposed to be the new 20, right? Oh yeah...I'm 30. And I have been for a whole month now too. And I was feeling less than celebratory, let me tell you. I have to thank my wonderful hubby for cooking for me and my friends who came to help me mourn the loss of my twenties: Shannon, G, and Rachel. Thanks for the support gals!! Anyhow, B and me went to Kansas weekend before last for a visit and a wonderful b-day party for my cute little neice...followed by a funeral in Kansas on Tuesday for Brian's good friend and mentor, Choke...I was excited to meet many of B's old friends from his first job in KS, but under very sad circumstances. What nice people. This was followed by working football games Thursday and Friday night, and a lot of napping this past weekend--we even sold our Razorback tickets so we could stay home and be HOME, but apparently didn't miss too was nice to clean house and snuggle with my hubby and the little furry one (Buster) all weekend. We have also recently managed to rent and watch almost the entire first season of Heroes (THANKS G!!!! :) Yes. Addicted to yet another tv show. So good. And, Kim, if you read this CONGRATULATIONS on your website--it looks wonderful. Your pictures are amazing, better than any photographer's I saw while I was shopping around way back when...for anyone else randomly reading this, her website is I was just looking at it. Check out her awesome talent. I think I'm blogged-out time...back to being a bean bag blob for tonight and watch some more Heroes...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I know I just got married and all, but...

I've fallen in love again...

Our new puppy Buster has changed our lives (and our sleeping habits!). He is sweet as can be and I love watching him sleep and play. The best is when he crawls up on your shoulder, nuzzles his nose in your neck, ear, or whatever, and sleeps. We visited the vet yesterday...unfortunately, our itchy little Buster has a form of mange that he got from his mother, who was a stray, and he's so little that his immune system wasn't strong enough to fight off this common mite that lives on most dogs from developing into mange (the other pups in his litter got it too). It's not contagious to people or other dogs. We now have medicine, but it's not a guaranteed "cure", it could recurr if he gets over it at all, and it sounds like it will be a slow process. I believe it only began showing itself quickly over the past week, the week before he came home with us. When the family who had found the mother and puppies sent me pics of them July 9th, there were no visible bald spots or sores. Poor little guy. What sweet innocent puppy deserves this? I wish I could make the itching, sores, and bald spots disappear right NOW. I'm glad he's with us now and has a chance to hopefully feel better and get healthy. Wish us luck with the healing process!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


This is our large black panther. I mean, kitty. Brian has had him a long time, way before I came along. He used to be an indoor cat, but due to a few disagreements between he and us on where he should pee in the new house, he is now an outdoor cat. After some excessive meowing (constantly) he's really adjusted quite well. He stays on the deck most of the time, but is currently beginning to enjoy the more adventurous yard, and has even made a new friend out there...I believe he also laughs silently while sitting and watching the racoons mess with our hummingbird feeders in the night. I love dogs, but have never ever really been a cat person at all. EVER....but...he's grown on me a little and it was rough in the beginning but....I guess I can say he's the only cat I've ever llllloo....lllllllllll....well I like him a lot. There. I said it sort of. He's a good kitty kitty.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our humble abode

This is our new hizz-ous. We bought it in May and couldn't love it more. It's not right next to anyone and we are surrounded by trees (love that) and bugs (hate that). It's kind of a mess right now, but starting to take shape on the inside; this week I'm working on putting away the massive mound of leftover wedding paraphernalia and finding a place for wedding presents...that's a good problem to have though! We still have a lot of unpacking to do from boxes in the garage. We actually haven't really missed any of the stuff that's still packed though. Maybe we should just burn it...yeah, that'd be easier.

Monday, June 18, 2007

TA-DA! Our blog debut...

Ok, I guess we're a little behind on the whole having our own space on the internet thing, but...I promise to keep up with this on a mostly-semi-daily-ish basis. I'm not usually just terribly exciting, but there's been tons of excitement lately...Brian and I are newlyweds (brand-spankin' new-lyweds...married June 9!) beginning our new life together as husband and wife, and created a blog so that you all can check in on us whenever you like! (well...that, and "everybody's doing it" blogging seems like the thing to do.)
And so these...."ARE THE DAYS OF OUR LIIIIVES..." exciting or not, right!
Oh...and uh...Brian doesn't know we're doing this yet...
And not to disappoint--more wedding and honeymoon pictures coming soon, of course!