Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where We Are

It's obvious I'm having trouble playing catch-up over the past few months (since March 6, to be exact!) I'll just begin with the present while I continue working on the longest blog ever that will hopefully include all the wonderful highlights beginning from when the best thing that ever happened to us happened to us---when Brett joined our world. There is, of course, an overwhelming number of pictures and lots to tell about our sweet little boy's first 3 months of life!

I think one of my main problems is, since there are so many photos, that when I get all the photos on here I have a heckuva time moving them around to where I want them. Takes forever and frustrates me beyond belief. I am posting several pictures, and after what seems like forever, I totally give up on moving them ANYWHERE so that they will be in any kind of relation or sequence to whatever I happen to be typing about in any particular paragraph. If anyone has any inside tricks on how to make blogging life easier in that respect, do tell. So all the random pictures will just be where they will be. Random. Happy viewing.

So here we are. Brett is 3 months old already...he'll be four months in less than two weeks! We can hardly believe how fast he is growing and changing. We know he currently weighs between 13 and 14 pounds. The most growth happened between 2 to 3 months - he just blew up and filled out overnight, it seems. He gained 5 pounds between his 2 month and 3 month birthday. I recently packed away his newborn clothes. Here's a picture of the preemie sized onsie he wore when he was first born (the red one--it was actually big on him too) compared to a onsie he can currently wear. I was actually successful at moving this picture where I wanted it.

He is starting to be much more aware of things around him and seems to have grown out of the newborn phase and very much into the infant stage. He likes the tv. He's recently noticed Buster...I think they are going to have lots of fun together before we know it - Buster better watch his tail!! Brett also really enjoys just sitting in his bouncy chair and watching whatever's going on around him, and kicking; his little legs go ninety to nothing at times. He loves playing on his back under the toys on his play gym...he's able to hit the toys to make them move and spin a ball that makes a song play.

He can now grasp some of his toys and hang on to them and wave them around...he is also starting to try to put them in his mouth. I love watching his pudgy little fingers try to reach around the toy to grasp it--he really looks like he's concentrating to make this happen! He has his fist in his mouth all the time now too. He also is really starting to like to "talk" alot, which I love to hear! We have lots of "conversations" around here lately. You would think he's telling big stories. Funny ones, too.

We love his smile. It melts our hearts and seeing it is the best thing in the whole world. I am bewildered at how much time I will spend in his face making wierd, contorted faces and sounds of my own just to see one of his smiles. We have even heard something that resembles a chuckly. He makes some of the best faces. There are the regulars, like happy, unhappy, mad, but there is now also bewildered, surprised, startled, and even shy. There are some pictures of Brett's face that Rachel took for us during our first family photo shoot recently (thanks Rach!) that show a few of his many faces. Will post some more of these wonderful photos she took soon.

Sleeping is good. Or it was. We made the move from the bassinette in our room to the crib in his room; this went fine...the first night he woke up one more time than usual, but after that it was back to normal. He has been sleeping at night in his Miracle Blanket for a long time, and will usually sleep anywhere from 4-6 hours straight in it during the night, only waking up once to eat. We began considering anything around 4 hours a "bad" night. On average, he would most of the time sleep at least 5 or 5 and a half, but was starting to go to 6 night even 6 and a half! So anyways, you know - if it ain't broke...try to break it. We decided we would go ahead and try to wean him from his miracle blanket this summer while we are not working, plus he is really starting to get a little too big for it - it doesn't wrap around him quite as easily as it used to. So on Monday night we did our normal bedtime routine and put him in a sleep sack instead - he slept for maybe two hours, then woke up every hour after that. We just finished night 3. It's getting a little better. We are going to try to be consistent - hopefully after a few more nights he will sort of get the hang of sleeping without being so confined and begin sleeping as good as he was. Hopefully.

So that's where we are. :)