Friday, October 28, 2011

Pre-Halloween Fun

Here’s a few photos of our Halloween decorations this year. I looove working on pumpkins! I looked around online to get a few ideas and decided to try the cat and the ghost. So fun! I love Halloween! I’m already excited to make more pumpkin critters next year!


Halloween daycare  2011 092Halloween daycare  2011 090

Halloween daycare  2011 091Halloween daycare  2011 089

Brian’s                                 Brett’s                                          

Brett painting pumpkinHalloween daycare  2011 117

Brett’s….he was also a big help when it came to scooping out pumpkin guts!

photoOct. 15 2011 Family 051

Door wreath I made



Halloween daycare  2011 081

Our little pumpkin family

Pumpkin Patch Oct. 2011 126

My FAVORITE pumpkin.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Throwing Rocks

Brian went to the Razorback today with Ray Ray, so Brett and I were on our own. We made a quick trip to the grocery store. He's so sneaky these days...we always wind up with something in the cart we didn't know was there until it's already paid for! The last time we went to Wal-mart we came home with a package of four extra toothbrushes. Had no clue till we got home. A random small truck-one of the ones that's right there while you're waiting to check out. The people that plan those things really know what they're doing. A ball (like we don't have enough of those)...I could go on. Trying to get better at catching these things! I used to wonder, when in college working at all the retail stores, why in the world people didn't just put things back where they belonged?! What was so hard about that??? Were people raised in barns??!! Now I know. They had small children with them. I do things now that I never would have done, let him carry something around that I know we're not going to buy for awhile until he gets distracted with something else, then I take it and hide it randomly on a shelf halfway across the store from where it came from, to avoid any potential toddler meltdowns. Also, like leaving a shopping cart right next to my parking space when the cart station is just down the lane - like I'm gonna leave my kid in the car by himself while I wheel the thing where it belongs, or leave him in the cart or standing in the road next to me while I put groceries in the car JUST so that I can take him with me to put the cart where it's a whole new world now. Amazing.....anyhow, back on track - after coming home from the store this morning with a giant bag of cheetos i had no intention of coming home with, we ate a nice lunch and spent the next two hours to ourselves. Me on the computer having some "quiet" time and he in his room pretending to nap. I wanted to put in the voice memo I recorded on my phone of what he was really doing (singing Twinkle Twinkle at the top of his lungs) but I can't seem to do that on here...he ended up not napping, and after a failed attempt at kite flying we went to lake Bella Vista for a tricycle ride and some rock throwing. He also LOVED the ducks and geese but I did have to tell him not to pick up THOSE “rocks” over where the birds were hanging out-gross!  GREAT fun and an extra tired boy on the way home.

Brett 1Brett walkin'

In mid-jump – he said he was “gonna make a big spwaaaash!”

Brett 2Brett ThrowBrett tricycle

Friday, October 7, 2011

Addie’s 6th Birthday

Ohhhh my goodness. This is so quick and easy I already want to blog again. This past weekend we went to our niece’s 6th birthday party in Kansas. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we spent the entire day outside. All Brett ate was chips, grapes, and ice cream, when he finally stopped to eat. Between learning the real ins and outs of football, running around with the cousins, climbing and swinging and sliding in the family play area, and the playground that was just a short wagon ride down the road, this kid was busy, happy, and pooped by the end of it all. The birthday girl:

10-1-11 008

10-1-11 573a

Some group pics:

10-1-11 260a_edited-210-1-11 1074

Birthday Girls Sister Bri Bri. She calls Brett “My Bwett Bwett”. They are two peas in a pod. It will be fun to watch them grow up together.

10-1-11 144a_edited-1

Brett and Grandma Peggy

10-1-11 421a

That’s my husband under all those kids.

10-1-11 94110-1-11 439a10-1-11 351a10-1-11 65110-1-11 600a

10-1-11 840a

10-1-11 68310-1-11 103410-1-11 1108a

Baby Jacob…

10-1-11 672a

Didn’t take long for Brett to take off on Addie’s motorcycle. So what if it’s pink?

10-1-11 705