Monday, November 3, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

We had our big ultrasound today and it was so exciting! She was certain it's a boy, and pointed out his "business", as she called it, a few different times. It's so good to know who's in there now, he has more of an identity now (we can stop referring to him as "it")...and the best part is I can go shopping now!...which I did immediately after the appointment of course. He is weighing in at 11 ounces and his little foot measures a little over one inch long. We got to see all his organs and his heart beating away...she said they are all looking good and she measured everything and looked for all his bones...we also saw him yawn, making sucking motions with his mouth, hit his knee, move his arm up around his face, and man was he ever kicking!! Made me sort of glad I can't feel it yet, he was really going at it! A few people told me to drink some caffeine beforehand to make sure the baby would move around plenty so we could see more caffeine for him!! He was all over the place. I will try to get a couple of the pictures scanned in was so amazing to get to see him!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Get well Dad!

So my dad had knee surgery today--AGAIN. The first time they just scraped away arthritis and then he was fine...not even any pain afterwards! Just a routine outpatient procedure - then several days later all of a sudden he was in lots of pain and apparently his knee was full of blood clots. He had to have today's surgery in the hospital and will have to stay a few days and be hooked up on an iv of antibiotics for infection. He was supposed to come see us in a couple weeks so I'm sad he probably won't get to now. I love you dad! I hope you feel better and get well soon!! You will get be back on the bike again very soon!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have a blog?

Brian is busy putting lots of photos from our laptop on cd's today, so he can delete stuff in hopes of making the old laptop faster...and I have finally put photos from summer that were on my camera on the computer...What with a little one on the way now, I suddenly have the urge to try and become more organized around here (for fear of never having time to become organized after that, plus so much people better come visit us!!) - which has not, by the way, over-ridden my urge to procrastinate. We still have 6 more months, right? That feels like forever!
Last weekend I finally drug out all the wedding parafanalia out of the closet in what will become the baby's room - the dress, the big fluffy skirt thing, tons of gift bags, cards, leftover invitations, programs, leftover unused votive name it. Even some Christmas stuff - and i relocated it to another closet. BUT, I did manage to throw lots of stuff away and make it a little better organized. I'm planning to have my dress cleaned and preserved BB (before baby) because I haven't done that yet. I should make a list.'s the new and improved (and mostly empty now) baby's-closet-to-be. I'm thinking we can add another shelf below since the clothes will be so short.
I also already got a diaper bag, a gift from my sister in law Stacey. Not only is it RED, but it looks sort of like a big purse and has a little portable changing pad and an insulated bottle holder. I wonder if Brian will carry it....I have checked into manly looking diaper bags, but they are expensive online. We have a small sampling of a diaper/wipes collection started as well. Below is the "new storage closet" with the wedding leftovers and a variety of clothes I am hoping will fit me again someday (note all the "skinny jeans"). Rachel and I were talking the other day about how funny it is, the range of pant sizes in our closets; we could have a boutique.

In other news, Brian came home with a new chewy that is actually Buster Proof. He can't tear it up or break it at all. It's made of real bone. Although he did manage to lick all the goody out of the middle of it pretty fast. I've sort of been wanting to go check out this dog park in Rogers sometime when the weather's nice, if any of you other doggie-mammas are interested...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Chair Awaits...

Another one bites the dust! I can't believe I have survived 6 whole years of teaching. This was a fast and busy year with a few exciting moments and a few little bumps, changes, and new things along the way. I'm excited to have formed a few new friendships this year as well. After some major cleaning up in the music office yesterday and this morning, changing my first ever diaper (Audrie came to school this morning!!), and getting all checked out, I spent my first free afternoon doing a little bit of shopping for a little summer attire (new bathing suit included-yikes! didn't try it on, just grabbed one that looked large enough and got it had to be done, after all), after having to drop my wedding ring off--my middle diamond fell out at school this morning while cleaning. I'm so glad I saw it and it's not sucked up in a vacuum or stuck to the bottom of someone's shoe. I also did lots of thinking about Brian and my first anniversary coming up so soon! I was still soooo busy with the wedding crazies this time last year! I finally returned home to find the yard freshly mowed, a sweaty husband, and a happy dog. Now all I have to do is make my list of things to do around the house (and wherever else) on my free time around going with B to basketball tournaments (of course I still sometimes have that guilty little "I should really get a part time job or something" nagging feeling...but it goes away pretty fast)...The picture here is of what will most likely be one of my favorite spots this summer, cool beverage in one hand, book in the other. My lounge chair is now all set up, sprayed free of dirt and cobwebs, and ready for business!! Feel free to bring your chairs over and join me!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our little patient, and other randomness

Buster had surgery on his leg last Tuesday to repair his knee that wouldn't stay in place. Although he is not using this leg (he only walks on 3 and the vet said he may not use it for a few months) he is getting around quite well and seems to be feeling better. We hope this will make him feel better in the long run. It hurts me just to look at it! He gets his staples removed next week...poor baby. And how would you feel if you had to wear a funnel around your head?!

As for the other randomness, check out the size of this moth! I have never seen a moth like this; all the ones I've seen are small and some shade of ugly brown, gray, or black. He flew in our house the other night and he was just beautiful!

Finally, here are some adorable pictures of little miss Audrie (Rachle and Jamie's almost 4 month old) taken during a visit at our house one night recently. She certainly knows how to work the camera...

...but I think she finally grew tired of all the flashing in her face. :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

It's awfully quiet around here...

There's something's my husband. I have to admit it CAN be nice having the tv ALL to myself for a bit (I just watched an awesome marathon of What Not to Wear-one of my favorites!!), but even that can get old after awhile. He's in Vegas...he's having a great time I know; he always looks forward to this yearly trip, has been counting down for months, and is even having some luck there so far!..on the other hand... I still have 2 more whole lonely days to try and keep myself entertained and busy till my other half returns...what's a girl to do? I suppose I'll have to find some errands to run tomorrow (aka shopping), wahahahahahahah (evil laugh)....or maybe I'll just take Buster for a walk and a fun little field trip to Petco. Sounds like a plan. I miss you honey!

In the meantime...I think I will do some random posting till I'm ready to go to bed. It's so late (well, just after 11 p.m.)...but this is the latest I've stayed up in a while! We have recently had several great weekends in a row. My mom and stepdad came down weekend before last, along with Brian's mom Peggy. It was so great having them! We hung out, shopped a bit, and ate a LOT. If you haven't tried the new steakhouse at the definitely should. Brian, mom, and Ken all thought it was the best restaurant steak they've had in a good while. Jeff and Stacey fried catfish that Saturday as well...good stuff! We had a great visit and wish they could come more often...

The weekend before THAT we went to Kansas for a memorial golf tournament for Brian's friend Choke, who was killed in an accident last October. The weather was perfect and I enjoyed spending some time with Brian's friends he used to work with and hang with in Kansas. And it was such an awesome way to honor his friend...there were tons of people there! Here are a few pictures...what a swing...My view most of the day...

Even KU and K-State fans got along on this day...This is Shank. He and his wife Sandy came to visit us one weekend last fall for a razorback game.This is Allen and Teresa, below. Brian and Allen are high school buddies. to bed now. 2 posts in one record!! Woohoo!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Long Live the Weekends!

The past several weekends have been great. What's even better--I counted and there's only 20 more days till we get a semi-permanent, 2 month long weekend!! I can't wait. Thursday night Brian and I went to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, then to see Iron Man. We enjoyed it, there were lots of funny parts. Friday night we just hung out and ate some tacos I fixed. Saturday we spent the morning at Lowe's buying stuff for our yard; Brian bought me a rose bush and some flowers to plant around the mailbox. He also bought a large planter and a hanging planter for flowers. The weather was perfect for working in the yard and hanging out on the deck with Buster and Jordan. Our little hummingbird friends are even starting to come back. Today we went to Sam's and then I has been so nice just being home!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Watch out Tiger Woods

Me & Brian in 35 years

Last year Brian started trying to teach me how to golf. It was comical, really. If I even hit the ball at all it would go maybe 10 feet and I would have to chase after it, swinging wildly trying to hit the little thing. The weather was so nice this weekend we decided to take advantage and went to the driving range yesterday and today. I have to say out of the two of us I win the Most Improved Award! It's still hit and miss so to speak, but I think I'm getting a little better sometimes. And who knew swinging a golf club could make a person so sore!! It was like a little mini work out. Anyhow, my vision is for us to eventually (many many many years from now) become one of those cute little blue-haired couples who own our own golf cart, wear elastic waist band khaki pants and matching embroidered shirts who spend the days golfing away in Bella Vista...I still have a long ways to go. Some of those little ladies out there meant business.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Feeling nastolgic of skinnier days...

Sigh. It's THAT time of year. Christmas was absolutely wonderful with each other and our families. But the holiday eating has commenced, and after all the fullness I'm left feeling empty. I'm frustrated from a major weight setback that has been coming on for the past year and a half--beginning to culminate shortly after the awesome cruise trip where this picture was taken. It took so long to even get to that size, the best shape I've been in my adult life, before the trip...and has been so quick to come back full force since! Cruel world!!!! Will I ever be able to "bring sexy back"?? It's just too hard to motivate myself when I'm starting completely from scratch all over again. Bah humbug.