Friday, September 24, 2010

I Heart My New Camera

Brian got me this super awesome Canon Rebel T2i camera for my Birthday/Christmas/Valentine's Day/Mother's Day/Anniversary. I am infatuated with it and can't wait to get some more things figured out. It will definitely be a work in progress, because it is much smarter than I am. I got to fiddle with it today some - here are a few pictures I took with it. I have a LOT to learn about all the different settings and possibilities! AND any tips on photographing people who don't sit still are welcome! More soon.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Half -Way Between 1 & 2

Where did the last 6 months go? On Brett's first birthday in March he was not yet walking and only saying a few basic words...and very much still a BABY. What a whole new little boy from just 6 months ago! He has grown leaps and bounds. Here are some (lots of...) pictures I took of Brett outside playing in our yard on his 18 month "birthday". Outside is definitely this little guy's favorite place to be. First though, a picture from his first birthday 6 months ago (this picture is courtesy of my good friend Kate! thanks!):

And now...