Monday, November 23, 2009

Put Me In Coach

Check out this "official" BHS basketball uniform...too cute! I think he's ready to play!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Found a Turtle

Brett went on his first trick-or treat Friday. My sister-in-law Stacey works at the home office where they decorate and hand out candy to tons of little kids for Halloween. We saw all kinds of cute kiddies in cute costumes. Brian and I now have lots of candy to eat...I guess Brett will be able to help a little more with that next year. We didn't even have one trick-or-treater at our house this year! Here are some pictures from baby's first Halloween...

Brett with Aunt Stacey

He was a little scared of the pumpkin at first...and also of the black panther

You'd be upset too if you had just gotten all in your costume and then had a poopy diaper.

Since we went trick-or-treating on Friday and don't really live in a "neighborhood" we opted to stay in Saturday evening for a photo shoot ( Brian and I really needed any more candy!)

still not quite sure about the large black kitty, who is mostly only viewed through the window and from the safety of mom and dad's arms...not on ground level

This was also Brett's first hands-on experience with these crunchy things. He didn't try to eat them though-I was surprised

I thought I should throw this one with the random bunny hat in here too, from this know...