Saturday, September 26, 2009

Company and Cooties

The bad news is, Brett has been sick with something or another for about 6 weeks soon as he's almost over something, here comes something else. He started daycare the first week of August and since then he has had:
1. the snots. lots of snot. nasal decongestion, followed by a cough
2. thrush. originally diagnosed as hand, foot, and mouth disease, but changed to thrush after we went back to the doctor for - you guessed it - the snots...and a much much worse cough, that turned out to be....
3. the croupe. oh, that nasty croup. poor baby. and the chest xray - poor baby and poor mommy. we both cried and baby was promised that mommy would hold him for the rest of the day after that. Once the croup started to FINALLY clear up, and the cough was almost gone, there was a reappearance of um...yeah...
4. the snots. followed by the cough. Again.

We are still waiting on this one to go away (or almost go away??), but we have a 6 month checkup with the doctor this next week. We want this baby well! The good news is, right now, although snotty and coughy, he is all smiles and playing as usual!!! We are looking forward to him finally having more good, full nights of sleep like he used to get before he was sickly so often.

In other news....we have had lots of company!

Since Brett was sick over Labor Day weekend we couldn't go to meemaw and papa, so meemaw and papa came to him!

Then Aunt Sue was so wonderful to come stay with him while he recovered from his thrush and croup since he couldn't go to daycare...

Then grandpa came down to pick up Aunt Sue and took us all out to eat at Shogun's for my birthday! LOVE Shogun's. Ate it ALL.

Then we trucked to Kansas for a surprise 80th birthday party for Brian's grandma, who's birthday isn't really till November (surprise!). Good times! Brian's mom and her siblings rented this awesome cabin house in Kansas that was big enough for the entire family to sleep over and have a great time.

80 years and still going strong! Happy Birthday Grandma!

This weekend, we have gotten to spend at home relaxing. Went to Fayetteville...And our sweet friends from the Burris Abode came over to say hi and snap some wonderful pictures of Brett outside in the beautiful weather. I even got to clean. Did I just say GOT tO clean? Yeah, I think I did. I never thought I would ever hear myself say this, but, I cleaned the house--and I liked it. Perfect day.

Bikes, Blues, and...Babies?

My dad has been in town for a few days attending the Bikes, Blues, and BBQ festivities. He loves riding his motorcycle all over, and has accumulated lots of biker gear and patches on is trips. Saturday night we decided to go with him to check things out (by car, of course...Brett is not quite big enough to fill out a helmet yet...). We went to the location closest to the U of A and had a great time. The air was fresh and cool, the sun was shining--just the best day! We even saw some guys doing some stunt riding, which was pretty cool, but we didn't stay for the whole thing. I felt a little out of place amongst the leather, fringe, and do-rags, but I think Brett and his grandpa fit right in.

We really enjoyed all the people, tents, and looking at all the bikes. BUT - I think, by far, the coolest thing we saw was...a motorized cooler! You heard me! Some chick went zooming by on a cooler, yes, your standard rectangle-ish cooler with a white lid, with wheels and handlebars. Just what I need.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Boy

I'm so in love with this toothless little grin...