Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby's First Basketball Game

Brian's basketball team recently attended a camp/tournament thing in Springdale. Over the two days they won all their games except for the very last one, the one Brett and I attended.
Brett really seemed to watched intently as the boys ran up and down the court....like he was trying to get it all down! He even looked like if he could take off after them he would. He was only startled by the buzzer the first time he heard it. This was the first of MANY MANY MANY basketball games, I'm sure....I wonder if we have a future gym rat on our hands.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

We started to practice feeding Brett rice cereal with a spoon recently...I'm not totally confident yet of how to work it in and how much, etc, but he's really doing a great job with the whole spoon thing! He is eating some along with his bottle at breakfast time now and dinner time. Lots of the time he even laughs and/or sqeals in between bites, and on more than one occasion has said "MMMMMMMM!". I can only assume that it was not a coincidence and that he was indicating his cereal is num num to his tum tum. Brian disagrees - he was brave enough to taste it...but, when you have nothing much else in your diet to compare it to, I'm sure it's fabulous!

Check out the goatee...believe it or not, the mess on his face in these particular pictures is actually more low key than what it is sometimes....

Mr. Independent also likes trying to grab the spoon himself and "helping" me pull it to his mouth sometimes. Must be good stuff. Sometimes I think he just likes nawing on the spoon.

Did we get more on his face/bib/hands/legs/mom than in his belly? Probably. Did we have fun trying? Of course!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brett's Travels

We left the Thursday before the 4th for Kansas and stayed through Sunday. Brian's grandma has a quarry, which is just a big swimming hole. It's complete with a floating deck, a slide and a diving board. They also have a nice covered picnic area. This is his family's favorite place to spend lots of summer days and nights. It really is nice hanging out there, I love it and wish we could go more. There was good fun and GOOD food. I wish I were back there again right now!

Brett had a good time. He and his cousin Brylynn even had a place to play and nap...

...and he got to hang out with lots of folks he doesn't see much, like cousin Kristi and her husband Adam.

He also got to spend time with grandma Peggy and aunt Stacey.

He even went for his first "swim"!

After we came home, Brett celebrated his 4 month birthday by tolerating his mother and her camera once again...Brett is now 15 pounds 11 ounces and 24.5 inches long! He started eating a little rice cereal in his night time bottle with his formula a couple weeks ago, but tonight at dinner time he tried eating some on a spoon for the first time; he managed a couple bites, but it will take some practice!!

"Really. Mom. Enough with the camera. Please."

A few days later Brett and I headed out for northeast AR to visit my side of the family, while Brian had to stay behind and work. I was a little nervous about a big road trip just me and the babe, but he did really great on the ride--we only stopped twice! Once we got there everything went downhill....our first night there we got up in the middle of the night and Brett was burning up with his first fever--I had to run to Walmart in Paragould at 2 am and got home to find his temp at 102.8. After a few hours of tylenol we were able to get him in to see a WONDERFUL pediatrician in Paragould...long story short, after 2 days of dr. visits, blood drawn out of both arms at the hospital (HORRIBLE), a shot in the leg, a perscription for that yummy pink amoxicillyn (sp?), and some ear drops and pedialite, we felt we were on the road for recovery. My mom and I pretty much held him for 3 nights. He was crying whenever he was awake, poor baby! He was just miserable. It was hard for him being sick for the first time away from home and away from daddy, but I'm really happy my mom could help us out and help take care of Brett--Meemaw took such good care of him. Thanks mom! She pulled some all-nighters and actually got less sleep than I did! It was also hard because he was sick the whole time instead of getting to visit and play with everyone. We also had to cancel out on seeing some dear friends and their baby boys who we don't get to see very often...hopefully we'll see them next time! On Saturday his fever was under 100, so he and I made the trek back home. He's feeling MUCH better now and back to his old smiley self!! That was a crazy and stressful few days though. I didn't think he would get sick for the first time till he started daycare!!