Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our little patient, and other randomness

Buster had surgery on his leg last Tuesday to repair his knee that wouldn't stay in place. Although he is not using this leg (he only walks on 3 and the vet said he may not use it for a few months) he is getting around quite well and seems to be feeling better. We hope this will make him feel better in the long run. It hurts me just to look at it! He gets his staples removed next week...poor baby. And how would you feel if you had to wear a funnel around your head?!

As for the other randomness, check out the size of this moth! I have never seen a moth like this; all the ones I've seen are small and some shade of ugly brown, gray, or black. He flew in our house the other night and he was just beautiful!

Finally, here are some adorable pictures of little miss Audrie (Rachle and Jamie's almost 4 month old) taken during a visit at our house one night recently. She certainly knows how to work the camera...

...but I think she finally grew tired of all the flashing in her face. :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

It's awfully quiet around here...

There's something missing...it's my husband. I have to admit it CAN be nice having the tv ALL to myself for a bit (I just watched an awesome marathon of What Not to Wear-one of my favorites!!), but even that can get old after awhile. He's in Vegas...he's having a great time I know; he always looks forward to this yearly trip, has been counting down for months, and is even having some luck there so far!..on the other hand... I still have 2 more whole lonely days to try and keep myself entertained and busy till my other half returns...what's a girl to do? I suppose I'll have to find some errands to run tomorrow (aka shopping), wahahahahahahah (evil laugh)....or maybe I'll just take Buster for a walk and a fun little field trip to Petco. Sounds like a plan. I miss you honey!

In the meantime...I think I will do some random posting till I'm ready to go to bed. It's so late (well, just after 11 p.m.)...but this is the latest I've stayed up in a while! We have recently had several great weekends in a row. My mom and stepdad came down weekend before last, along with Brian's mom Peggy. It was so great having them! We hung out, shopped a bit, and ate a LOT. If you haven't tried the new steakhouse at the mall...you definitely should. Brian, mom, and Ken all thought it was the best restaurant steak they've had in a good while. Jeff and Stacey fried catfish that Saturday as well...good stuff! We had a great visit and wish they could come more often...

The weekend before THAT we went to Kansas for a memorial golf tournament for Brian's friend Choke, who was killed in an accident last October. The weather was perfect and I enjoyed spending some time with Brian's friends he used to work with and hang with in Kansas. And it was such an awesome way to honor his friend...there were tons of people there! Here are a few pictures...what a swing...My view most of the day...

Even KU and K-State fans got along on this day...This is Shank. He and his wife Sandy came to visit us one weekend last fall for a razorback game.This is Allen and Teresa, below. Brian and Allen are high school buddies.
Well...off to bed now. 2 posts in one week...new record!! Woohoo!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Long Live the Weekends!

The past several weekends have been great. What's even better--I counted and there's only 20 more days till we get a semi-permanent, 2 month long weekend!! I can't wait. Thursday night Brian and I went to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, then to see Iron Man. We enjoyed it, there were lots of funny parts. Friday night we just hung out and ate some tacos I fixed. Saturday we spent the morning at Lowe's buying stuff for our yard; Brian bought me a rose bush and some flowers to plant around the mailbox. He also bought a large planter and a hanging planter for flowers. The weather was perfect for working in the yard and hanging out on the deck with Buster and Jordan. Our little hummingbird friends are even starting to come back. Today we went to Sam's and then I cooked...it has been so nice just being home!!